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SaltClock Studio was founded by former students from Créajeux, a French school dedicated to video game related jobs. During the last year, the team developed, as an end-of-study project, a multiplayer online battle arena: Halzae: Heroes of Divinity. Following the success of the game with the teachers, the professionals of the industry who came for the presentation of the project, and the students of the school, the team decided to create a new development studio, to transform this student game in a real video game.

- 03/12/2018: Beginning of the development of the student version of Halzae: Heroes of Divinity.
- 05/30/2018: Final presentation of the project.
- 07/09/2018: Beginning of the development of the final version of Halzae: Heroes of Divinity and beginning the incubation inside CreaDev.
- 07/25/2018: Creation of SaltClock Studio.

- 13/11/2018: Launch of the Kickstarter campaign.
- 13/12/2018: End of the Kickstarter campaign.

- 15/03/2019: Release of the Early Access.

- September 2019:  Estimated date of release of the final version of the game.


Halzae: Heroes of Divinity is a dynamic and competitive multiplayer online battle arena, in which 2 to 10 players fight in free-for-all or in team. Each player chooses his Hero, his spells, and jumps into battle! All the players being with equality, only talent, training, and a bit of luck, will make the difference! The team game demands a good tactical sense, to take full advantage of the effects of the spells, such as the area of effect damage of the fireball, or the stun caused by the thunder clap. Work with your teammates to overcome your enemies, or you will suffer a crushing defeat! Players of all ages and levels, unite, pick up Halzae's essence, break the ultimate crystals, team up, fight for the freedom of your divinities, triumph of your opponents, and win tournaments!


The student version of Halzae: Heroes of Divinity has nominated to the Ping Awards 2018 in the category "Best Student Game"! All the team is proud to defend our project during that final phase. The public's vote will happen on October 22nd, at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris.


It's over. He appeared fifteen years ago and, today, the last Gods bend the knee. He who could not kill them, submitted them all. Everything seems lost, but in an act of a great magnanimity, Hasselzor, the new Master of the Gods, offers them a way out. Each of them will have to choose a mortal Hero who will fight in their name in an arena where the winner who give back his freedom to the divinity he serves. The fighters will be offered some Halzae's essence, the magic that defeated the Immortals. Formerly friends, the Gods will turn on each other, for the pleasure and the entertainment of Hasselzor. Let the tournament begin!


In Halzae: Heroes of Divinity, each player chooses four spells at the beginning of the game, as well as his character, who has a basic attack and a specific capacity. He also chooses a passive before jumping into battle! Once in the game, the players must pick up some Halzae's essence, so they can fire their spells. Some needs a small quantity of it, and are not very powerful. Others will annihilate several opponents, but need a larger amount of Halzae's essence. Be careful when you choose your spells!


The players are fighting in several game modes:

- In DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch, the goal is to kill as many opponents as possible. If there is a draw when the timer ends, then there is an extra time, until one player, or one team, surpasses his rival!

- In the game mode HardPoint, two teams fight for the control of strategical areas appearing in different spots in the arena. When a player is in one of these areas, his team scores points. If players of both teams are in the same area, then the area becomes contested, and no points are scored. Don't forget to coordinate with your teammates to leave no chances to your opponents!

- Then, there is the Capture the Flag, who sees two teams face off, each having a flag in their bases. To score points, and win the game, each team has to capture the enemy's flag, and bring it to their base. If there is a draw at the end of the timer, it's time for the golden flag!





Halzae Amaterasu's Garden Wallpaper
Halzae Amaterasu's Garden Wallpaper
Halzae Ra's Temple Wallpaper
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Screen Gameplay 2.png
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