©2018 Halzae : Heroes of Divinity.



 Chapter III 


Presages of domination


The foggy whirlwind born from the magic confluence at the heart of the battlefield gave to the sky the chaotic aspect of a storm. Many humans were fighting against unspeakable tribes born from the divinity’s fertile imagination, who decided not to collapse to the yoke of their oppressor.


Those faceless soldiers who we thought were made of shadow, if it isn’t the power of death herself, were blocking and quietly knocking down enemies strikes with their blades.


The gun’s powerful roar resounded through the land at a sporadic pace and corpses were piling up in the greatest havoc. The clinking of a heavy armour broke through the morbid lullaby of bursts and Hasselzor, more majestic than ever, rose upon the hill. The confrontation didn’t cease, however his aura multiplied by the spiritual force of the Halzae was so ponderous that most of the soldiers and the creatures collapsed.


In the distance, the Gods approached as well. Camps were formed and sealed the territory in areas with surreal frontiers, when Hasselzor confidently anchored the flag he was firmly holding in the land that saw him grow into the God he was today.


The earth quaked and rose into an absolute cliff, where he was now overlooking at all the divinities. He scornfully looked at them one by one, and spread his arms towards the storm:


“Immortals! Gaze at the extent of your laziness! You who lived until then in the most permissive of idleness! Admire with dread what mankind is able to create, free of the divine chains that always oppressed it! Power, intellect, glory, progress, empathy… Those traits are fully ours now while you, fragments of none, are pitifully bogged down! I will force you to wander in these putrid peatlands that are the limbos for eternity and beyond!”


Saturated with Halzae’s power, the flag enlightened the vault leading to the clouds with profuse particles. Diluvian and particularly shiny rain were even distorting the structure of the land. Hasselzor’s corrupted energy was killing all fauna and flora on the battlefield. All gathered at the same place, the divinities understood with apprehension what the mankind general was planning. Thor eagerly surrounded himself with his deadly thunder.


He took a step forward and threw his hammer right at Hasselzor who simply craned his head to dodge it. Thor teleported himself at the speed of light behind his hammer and grasped onto its short handle to knock down the steel of his Mjöllnir against the helmet of his opponent in a wide spin. A powerful shockwave overran the area, but the military didn’t move an iota. A long arm made of Halzae broke through his back and grabbed Thor by the neck. As he was suffocating and trying to pull himself out of the man’s control, he gasped:


“What the… What is it?”


“You didn’t even scratch my armour you pathetic Thunder God. They say you can knock down a giant, but you had the audacity to underestimate me!”


“This energy… Is it…”


A rictus split Hasselzor’s face and he intimated:


“How do you name your so-called end of the world already? Oh yeah… Ragnarök. That is a fine story I will tell your children Modi and Magni: the story of an Almighty deprived by the will of his own prophecy!”


New arms formed in the back of the warrior and joined the previous pair, which was crossed. He hurled Thor and pummelled him with punches made of Halzae. For a moment, every impact fractured the air as if reality was threatened and about to break like the glass of a mirror. Thor was powerless, and as he was being emptied of all his energy, he vehemently crashed on the ground. Ixchel maternally wrapped the divinity in her snake-arms and looked at Hasselzor with her golden eyes. The goddess howled in a whistle and her voice echoed in an unpleasant jingling:


“Hasssselzor! I let you do what pleassssed you for too long! Your reign of terror endssss here! You dissssobeyed me and you will pay for it with your misssserable life! “


“I am sorry Ixchel but I have to disagree, it seems that you are not estimating the full extent of the issue here. Gods and Goddesses, allow me to raise the bar. If you thought you were fighting and thriving against mere humans, you were dead wrong! We own… The arsenal! No, better: we possess the master advantage that is going to turn your world around! Faithful servants, come to me! Awaken and set the Eden ablaze with your purifying fire, destroy the Olympia with your steel fists! May your magical chains seal the Samsara for our Nirvana allies!”


Several portals opened on an army of heavily armed androids, way taller than the foot soldiers that commanded them. They loaded their guns and wiped out the battlefield. Corpses and armours were piling up under their attack and the magic shields granted by Amaterasu weren’t enough to prevent the gatlings from pushing. But Hasselzor didn’t stay behind his troops, he ripped and swirled his standard, revealing a trident shaped Halzae that he pricked up against Anubis. He threw himself of the cliff, arms forward, and hit the ground with enough strength to form a crater.


The God of Death crossed his sceptre with the standard of the combat instructor and they hit themselves back and forth. Ixchel and Zeus were in the grip of terrible stand against the robots and couldn’t resolve themselves to help the Egyptian God. Hasselzor violently kicked Anubis in the abdomen to get him in the way of his trident. The energy flowed once again and the peaks became two solid blades that turned the standard into an authentic two-handed axe. Anubis grinded his teeth as he was weakened by the impact of the energy in this wooden sceptre. He reached for the sky with his arms to summon mummies from the ground in one last hope: hinder Hasselzor’s moves, who cut their bandages in a single rotation.


"You are weak! Proclaimed the general to his opponent."


"And you are insane! Even hell itself won’t want you there… HASSELZOR!"


Anubis became enraged and relentlessly kicked the man with his sceptre. Even well protected, Hasselzor caught himself stepping back and firmly anchoring his feet in the ground to avoid the suffering caused by this backlash. Then, he wafted the energy of this axe to solidify the peak and created a hast weapon used to pierce the abdomen of his opponent. Anubis’s eyes were wide open as he spat a spray of blue blood, the divine blood. Hasselzor’s Halzae was thereby able to hurt them? That, he didn’t know. He expressed a vivacious wince and Quetzalcòatl, rushed on the man determined to end this. His maw opened as he swirled his sharp-edged feathers around his body, becoming an authentic jet-stream which strength pounded the ground despite of the distance separating the entity from it. The general turned his hast weapon into a powerful mallet and crushed his magic steel on the reptilian god skull who in the heat of the moment got stunned.


The numerous androids fired powerful laser beams which exploded upon contact with the hill and set alight the tall grass. A smelly smoke was released and unpleasantly blended with the stench of the many corpses. In the middle of this mayhem, Hasselzor crossed his arms again and blew his power-fed standard away, which stayed in stasis by his side. His azure eyes turned progressively to yellow and red, while the Halzae flowing through him changed colours as well, offering his aura a myriad of effusive and frightening spectrums.


Wounded and exhausted from end to end, Thor stood there, on one knee. The general looked down on him for a moment and asked in an unpleasantly sweet way:


"You want some more, is that it?"


"Don’t think you’re so protected… I swear, on behalf of my brothers and sisters, we will defeat you."


"Pathetic little sparkle of none. Your thunder can’t even tickle me. You are like the others, powerless faced to the Human supremacy. I fooled you once, I can damn well do it again."


"You’re not the only one with an asset Hasselzor! Believe me this time, I will be fair play."


In a thunder explosion, the God summoned a frozen hand, almost like it had been ripped off his owner. The general cringed as he saw the artefact and asked with a concerned voice:


"This hand… It’s not…? You wouldn’t dare Thor!"


"I will do whatever it takes to save my world, even if I have to provoke its end to do it."


The Hand of Týr crashed into the burned land and quaked so intensely that cracks formed around the two opponents. A gaping jaw made of rock, steel and lava tore down the limb and a gargantuan wolf got out of the entrails of hell. He howled towards the storm and Thor climbed of his muzzle, arms crossed and stern look.


"It won’t be enough! Castigated Hasselzor as he threw himself forward."


More impressive than a mountain, Fenrir rushed and crushed allies and enemies without making any difference. The Halzae was flowing in the human’s weapon and turned his mallet into a long claymore. He took a stand against the wolf, who in a highly charged jaw hit, swallowed him. A morbid silence seized the battlefield, altered by some gunshots and sword strikes. In a smug breath, Thor patted the beast head and felt a quake. Fenrir’s mouth was forced to open by the several etherized arms of Hasselzor and he slit his throat with one claymore strike. The wolf was paralyzed for a second, and crashed down on the hill in a roar, crushing many unfortunate infantrymen. Thor threw himself at the man, but he fought back with his blade.


The God fell to his knees and dropped his hammer, before succumbing to unconsciousness. Hasselzor closed his eyes for a moment and walked towards him as he whispered: