Chapter I




Gods are real, their legends are true. The existence of the mythologies, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Aztec, Japanese, and all the others, is certain. Gods and Goddesses populate this world since the dawn of time. The mythologies only lie about one thing, the origin. The Gods weren’t born from nothing.


The first divinities awoke millenniums ago, at a time no-one remembers. Zeus, the Greek, Jupiter the Roman, Brahma the Hindu, Izanagi the Japanese, Quetzalcoatl the Aztec, Isis the Egyptian, and all the others Kings, Queens and Gods of the Gods all appeared from the same source of magic: the Halzae.


It is said that the only hearth of this magic, more powerful than any other, is a tree as old as the world itself. From it flew the turquoise blue liquid, with the thousands of reflections constantly moving. Even in the darkest night, the Halzae and its sparkles can always be seen, as if it was producing its own light.


From there, all of them were born, and their immortal reign began. Through the ages, the primordial Gods and Goddesses used the Halzae to sire several generations of divinities, containing all the divine beings we know today. From the origin, every God of Gods built his mythology, surrounding himself with his brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, constructing his Palace on a parcel of the world.


Zeus established himself on a mountainous land with hundreds of isles, Greece. Odin chose the land with a thousand lakes, in Scandinavia. Isis and Osiris opted for a land with a desert as hot and inhospitable as the delta of its unique river was peaceful and fertile, Egypt. Izanagi and Izanami, unsatisfied with the rest of the world, created their own land, the Japanese archipelago. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Serpent, tried four times to find the ideal spot, but failed each time. He finally settled between two continents, in the center of the Americas.


For each mythology, life was pleasant within the natural fauna and flora whose calm was never disturbed. However, those simple pleasures quickly became quite limited. Thirsting for a more tantalizing drink than water, hungering for more appetizing food than berries from the bushes around them, wanting for more sophisticated pleasures than constant relaxation, they searched to improve their immortal lives.


It was Quetzalcoatl who had the idea to shape an intelligent species which could cultivate the land, domesticate the wildlife, ascend spiritually, and serve and worship the Gods. All applauded him and helped him in his project. Hades, brother of Zeus, and Thor, adored by the thunder since his birth, gathered many animals on the bottom of a crater before striking them with a great cataclysm.


The inferno that resulted lasted for thirty days, and thirty nights, and only left behind a vast area of burnt bones, witnesses of lost life. Quetzalcoatl spilled his blood on them, and the Humans were born. The mythologies divided them amongst themselves, and the grand History of mankind began.


Very quickly, the Gods realized that the source of their immortality, the Halzae, had a gigantic power of attraction over their new creations. They kept coming back tirelessly around the tree of life, to try and reach the hearth of the divine magic.


The Gods couldn’t tolerate it. They alone had the right to access it, and drink from it. Thus, they decided together to have it guarded, day and night, by some of them, who would be called Guardians of the Halzae. Nothing and no-one, not even the most insignificant insect could taste the liquid that had given life to the divinities. Yet, the hearth of the tree of life still had an unparalleled influence.


It is difficult to realize how much every living being is attracted to the source. Old legends tell us that the one who looks inside the liquid can never turn away. The power of attraction of the Halzae was so strong that the Gods decided to hide it, deep within the world, in the darkest cavern, so far away that its aura of seduction finally faded. At last, it was out of reach of everyone that wasn’t be a God or a Goddess.


After that, the Humans wandered the world without purpose. Soon enough, the Gods retook control of all of them, and guided them towards the building of the first civilizations. All the planet overflew with all these creations, and yet, something was missing to insure the Humans’ survival.


That’s when Prometheus gave them the sacred fire of the Olympus. Armed with this, they were able to survive the cold, and to cook the meat that their hunters brought back. And all returned to work, as if nothing had stopped. During several ages, they built great temples of wood to honor those who created them.


After a few centuries, the Gods and Goddesses found themselves facing an enemy they didn’t know: boredom. Endowed with their unmatched power, and their absolute domination over the world and everything that lived inside of it, they didn’t know what to do with their time, of which they had an infinite reserve.


Jupiter had an idea that would change the world order. Rather than wait that the Humans built them new rudimentary temples, he suggested to use the masses of faithful to fill their days.


Immediately, most Gods hasten to educate them in all the domains that they knew. They taught them to extract stone and shape it. Vulcan, son of Jupiter, initiated them to blacksmithing, and gave them the tools to give life to marble. Sarasvati the Hindu, daughter of Brahma, was the first to instill some rudiments in art.


Quickly, the temples which were dedicated to them were built in marble, granite, and were decorated with gold, silver and precious stones. Their intellect grew fast along with their yearning for reading, art, and philosophical debate. Finally, the Humans were successful in building numerous civilizations covering the vast majority of the planet.


However, all the Gods didn’t content themselves with this. Some wanted a more immediate, more dynamic, and more violent way to fill their time. In each mythology, there was at least one God or one Goddess who announced his or her desire of this activity, superior to all others.


All of them gathered behind Athena, daughter of Zeus, and Mars, son of Jupiter, to demand the possibility to organize armed conflicts between the different Human peoples. Almost none saw any problem with that claim, and the many Queens, Kings, and Gods of Gods authorized it. The group of newly named Gods and Goddesses of War agreed to prepare turf wars doomed to fail, for no mythology had to be deprived of its Human people.


By trading insults between them, they fueled hatred of their neighbors. By delivering passionate speeches, they instilled nationalism in the heart of Humans. By making false promises and spreading lies, they offered eternal glory within the Kingdoms of the Gods for those who distinguished themselves in battle.


With the greatest fervor, the Humans threw themselves in the abyss of war, killing their peers for futile reasons, under the direction of the Gods who were always careful to not let them get carried away in victory. Thus, in two millenniums, not a single people destroyed one of its enemies.


Thanks to the teaching of the most benevolent Gods, and to the pressure of the Gods and Goddesses of War, each people developed more and more its technology. They learned navigation, and used it to explore the world and bring ruin to rival peoples. They were taught to extract coal, and to use it to fuel their industry, multiplying their forges and their military power.


They controlled the strength of steam, and wield it to exploit electricity, and to grow even more than before the size of their armies. The emergence of mechanic permitted them to reduce considerably transportation time and the necessary effort to cultivate the land. It also brought them the possibility to wage war further than ever before. And the Gods demanded them greater temples still.


Far away from the turmoil of the world and sheltered in their Palaces, the Gods and Goddesses basked in their Kingdoms, enjoying each moment of their immortal lives. They knew the Humans could bring them every distraction they needed and all the adoration they were accustomed to.


Deep within them, they were certain of one thing, nothing will ever change. Their reign over the world would be eternal.




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